Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants hunter input on big game season

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jan 03, 2019

COLORADO – Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants your input on how to manage the state’s big game hunting.

Officials review the process every five years. Over the next two months, they’ll be gathering ideas, suggestions, and concerns from hunters.

The ideas from online forums, public meetings and town halls will help come to a decision on how to manage our big game populations.

”The big game session structure is how many sessions there are, how long the sessions are, what time of year the sessions are. What kinds of methods of take are allowed, all of these kinds of, the framework of how big game hunting in Colorado works,” says Area Wildlife Manager Frank McGee.

Big game hunting generated $840 million in the state in 2018.

Leave your comments here, via an online submission form until February 4th