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Everything beagle: One of the last jokes between Club Q partners memorialized

Dog named in honor of Club Q victim, Daniel Aston
Everything beagle: One of the last jokes between Club Q partners memorialized
Posted at 6:39 AM, Jan 09, 2023

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Daniel Aston and Wyatt Kent's whirlwind romance came to an abrupt halt on the night of the Club Q mass shooting, which was also Kent's birthday celebration.

Aston worked as a bartender at the nightclub, and Kent was a drag queen. Aston was one of the five people killed in the senseless tragedy.

“Daniel was my boyfriend, soon-to-be fiance," Kent said. "And we were all at Club Q on the 19th of November celebrating my birthday, when unfortunately, bullets hailed and I lost my partner as well as four other good friends that night.”

Everything beagle: One of the last jokes between Club Q partners memorialized

Denver7 spoke with Kent about their relationship with Aston, and one of the last jokes the two shared was mentioned.

“Daniel and I joked about getting a beagle, I said, there's only one way. If we name it Everything," Kent said while smiling. "And sure enough, now there is one.”

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The reason there is now a beagle named Everything is thanks to Kent's former Physical Education Teacher, Tricia Wissinger.

“I taught Wyatt when he was in first and second grade," Wissinger said. “He was one of those kids that always stuck with me. I have not actually seen him since he was probably in third grade.”

Wissinger read the article posted by Denver7, and the joke also stuck with her. She works closely with Colorado Beagle Rescue, and contacted Kent to see if he would be comfortable with them naming a beagle Everything.

Kent instantly said yes.

“It's a little way for us at Colorado Beagle Rescue to honor and respect what everybody is going through in the Club Q community," said Wissinger. “It brings all of us just a little bit of joy, in a situation that's horrible and should not happen, ever.”

So, on Saturday, Kent and Wissinger reconnected for the first time in more than a decade to welcome Everything to Colorado.

Everything flew into Centennial from Arkansas, with Wissinger and Kent waiting on the tarmac to greet him.

“That beagle was the calmest I have ever seen after anyone, even me, getting off a plane," Kent laughed. “So, I know that 'puppo' has Daniel's demeanor, and is just going to take in the entire world. And that's what Daniel would have been overjoyed about.”

Everything was instantly adopted by a couple at the airport, and Kent is thrilled the beagle is heading to his forever home.

"He [Daniel] knows darn well that my cat with no brain cells would not agree with a dog being in the house. Because my cat likes to be outside probably more than that dog would and Daniel would not appreciate that. The cat rules the house," Kent said, explaining why he did not adopt Everything.

Kent said having a beagle named Everything in honor of Aston feels like a magical memory come to life.

“It's unreal how special this is to fulfill that stupid little joke that we had and put it into the world," said Kent while smiling. "It's really special.”