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Custer County Schools seeks volunteers to help in back to school preparations

Posted at 10:19 AM, Jul 29, 2020

CUSTER COUNTY — Custer County Schools is looking for volunteers who can help prepare them for multiple back-to-school scenarios for the upcoming school year.

Students are set to start school on Aug. 19 and the administration is looking to cover any situation of learning, such as in-person, remote, or hybrid learning. They're looking for help with IT requirements, carpentry, masks and substitute teachers.

With IT requirements, the administration said they are seeking help with the reset and provision of 400 Chromebooks/tablets to set up work on and off-campus. They are also looking to install cameras in classrooms and "set up with individual users for facial tracking." If you are able to volunteer for these tasks or other IT-related tasks, contact Lisa Nolan at

Carpentry work Custer County Schools is asking for is the construction of plexiglass separations for tables and desks to separate teachers and students. They said it is preferable that the material is donated, but they would be able to fund some material.

The school is also asking for a cloth mask supply to supplement their purchased products. If you are able to volunteer with partition needs or masks, please contact Mike McFalls at

The administration said substitute teachers are asked to apply on their school website. Click here to head to the application.

Custer County has four potential back-to-school plans that may change "depending on health and safety concerns." The first is for in-person learning with students at the campus with safety precautions in place, such as social distancing, temperature checks, and masks.

The second plan would have elementary-aged students in person and secondary-aged students doing online learning. The third plan is a hybrid learning plan with half the students, half the time in person or online. The fourth plan is completely online for all students.

In any case with online learning, the administration said they are working on a plan that would provide internet to those who do not have access.