More looking to learn fundamentals of firearms training, citing police brutality and protests

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jun 30, 2020

Sales are surging at Stoddard’s Range and Guns. Long lines pack the Atlanta shooting range with people buying guns and ammunition.

Co-owner Ken Baye says sales have soared since mid-March, when the pandemic hit.

Now, he’s seeing a second wave of interest with more people now looking to learn how to use a firearm.

That includes people like Michelle DeShields, an elementary school counselor. She's aiming to increase her personal safety during these uncertain times.

“It’s just been scary with police brutality that we are looking at, even the protesting sometimes, you see it’s gotten a little out of hand,” she said.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports background checks for firearms purchases saw record highs in April and May.

And that millions of those people are new gun owners.

DeShields' father was a military veteran and a police officer. So, she grew up with guns but never learned to use one until now.

“I do feel like guns used safely for protection and they are a good thing,” she said.

Though, her gun is something she hopes to never have to use outside of a shooting range.