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360° Perspective: CBD & FDA Regulation

Posted at 9:24 PM, Apr 25, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS – On 420 Day Carl’s Junior tested out a CBD infused burger at a Denver location. For one day only, people could buy the “Rocky Mountain High Cheeseburger Delight” for $4.20.

CVS and Walgreens also getting in on the CBD game. They’re adding lotions, patches and sprays to their drug store lines.

But there is a lot of confusion and gray area here because the FDA has not figured out how to regulate the products.

So we’re taking a closer at the issue in this 360° Perspective.

We are seeing a lot of CBD products start to hit the market after the Farm Bill passed in late 2018. It’s popping up in gummies, smoothies, skin care products and even pet food.

Right now, it’s illegal under the Food, Drug and Commerce Act to introduce CBD or THC into the food supply, or market it as a dietary supplement, regardless of whether it came from hemp or marijuana.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s different from THC which provides the high people get from marijuana. Congress legalized CBD derived from hemp in December with the Farm Bill.

CBD basically promises to relax the body without altering the mind. Advocates say it also diminishes stress and can ease pain with a low risk of addiction or abuse.

But still, not much clinical research is provided to back up those claims. So it’s unknown if there are any safety concerns or long term impacts yet.

Congress is calling on the FDA to find a solution. We had U.S. Senator Cory Gardner in studio and he says we need a lot more information to help provide better decisions for families and policymakers.

“47 states have now moved forward with some form of legalization of marijuana or CBD or hemp. 95 percent of the country’s population now lives in a state providing these kinds of open rules now. But we need more information. We need more studies. I think if we can get them, we can find out, have the research, we’ll be able to address the topic so much better,” Sen. Gardner said.

Late last year the FDA did approve Epidiolex. That’s the first cannabis-based prescription medication. It’s used to treat epileptic seizures.

But the FDA says legalizing CBD for us in food and dietary products could take years. The agency wants data on safety in food products and feedback on regulating, marketing, manufacturing and labeling. The first public hearing on this is set for May 31.

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