New dino species discovered in Brazil

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jun 29, 2019

PARANA, Brazil – Researchers have discovered a new dinosaur species that inhabited Brazil some 90 million years ago. A computer animation of the discovery was released this week.

Experts say the Vespersaurus Paranaesis species was about five feet long, carnivorous, and traveled on two feet. The dinosaur’s breeding ground is believed to have been located in northwestern Brazil, which was a desert at the time.

Fossils of the dinosaur were found at a dig site and put on display for the media in southern Brazil.

A still image of a computer animation of the Vespersaurus Paranaesis by paleoartist Rodolfo Nogueria. Fossiles of the dinosaur were discovered in Parana, Brazil.

Paleontologists say characteristics of the fossil’s feet and its unique claw helped researchers identify this find as a new dinosaur.