Study: Colorado ranks 5th, Pueblo 3rd for car thefts

Posted at 10:54 AM, May 08, 2019
Stolen cars in 2017 by state study (Courtesy:

A 2017 study shows that Colorado ranks fifth for the state with the most stolen cars, while Pueblo is ranked the third city in America for the highest rate of stolen cars.

A study by shows Colorado is the fifth state with the most stolen cars with 12 stole for every 1,000 registered vehicles. In 2017, Colorado lost rough $320 million dollars to car thefts. Alaska took the number one spot, followed by New Mexico, Washington, D.C. and Nevada.

When it comes to stolen car models, the study says Honda Civics were the models that were stolen the most in 2017. Honda Accords were the second most stolen car, followed by full-size Ford pickups, full-size Chevrolet pickups, and Toyota Camrys.

The study says the most vulnerable 2017 car models were Nissan Altima, followed by Toyota Camry, GMC Pickup (full size), Hyundai Elantra, and Ford Fusion.

Pueblo is the third city in America for the highest rate of stole cars, 813 vehicles per 100,000 residents in 2017. According to the study, Albuquerque, New Mexico had the highest rate of stolen cars. 1,096.8 vehicles per 100,000 residents in 2017. Albuquerque was also the highest-ranking city for car thefts in 2016. Anchorage, Alaska, Redding, California and St. Joseph, Missouri rounded out the top five.

From keys to parking choice, State Farm said there are things you can do to prevent car theft.

  • Always lock the doors.
  • Never leave your vehicle while the engine is running. Puffing is illegal in Colorado. The one exception when it comes to puffing is if you have a remote start vehicle. If you are caught puffing with keys in the ignition it could cost you $60.
  • Roll up your windows all the way.
  • Hide your valuables. Keep your personal belongings out of sight, preferably in the trunk.
  • Install an anti-theft device.
  • Consider a vehicle recovery system.
  • Park in populated areas.
  • If you plan on buying a new car, find out which cars are stolen the most.