Coca-Cola spills onto street after leak at Texas plant

Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 03, 2019

EL PASO, TEXAS – Thousand of gallons of Coca-Cola is flooding a Texas neighborhood.

Workers in El Paso are working to control a sugary-sludge that apparently leaked from a nearby Coca-Cola facility.

The spill is several inches deep and is covering several blocks, even seeping onto some driveways and yards.

Some think it came through the drainage system.

Wildlife is also being affected by the spill. One bird got trapped in the sticky sludge and was not able to fly away.

Bird stuck in Coca-Cola sludge (Courtesy CNN)

A good Samaritan rescued the bird and was able to clean it up.

The Coke sludge is blocking several roads in the area.

One city worker said they are containing the spill, but the cleanup is the plant’s responsibility. No word yet on when the cleanup will be finished.

(CNN contributed to this report)