Wisconsin parking officer stabbed while writing ticket

Posted at 6:50 PM, Apr 02, 2019

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – Two people are in police custody following an early morning attack on a Milwaukee, Wisconsin parking enforcement officer.

The veteran officer was beaten and stabbed multiple times while on the job. The attack happened about 2:30 Tuesday morning.

Tiffany McDade lives across the street from the scene of the attack and said she remembered hearing a knock at her door. Now she thinks it may have been the victim looking for help.

“I was sleeping so I thought I was just dreaming, but I just pray that whoever did that comes forth,” McDade said.

According to police, two men confronted the city worker, violently kicking and punching him, and stabbing him multiple times. The city employee got away, rushing to his car. He then drove to a nearby police station, and from there was taken to a hospital.