Dateline offers new interviews, insight in Berreth case

Posted at 10:48 PM, Mar 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 12:57:50-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – New interviews related to the Kelsey Berreth case show Patrick Frazee may have abused past girlfriends before allegedly killing his fiancé.

That was one of the big revelations in an hour-long episode of Dateline that aired on NBC Friday night.

Georgia Currie opened up about her daughter, Vanessa, who dated Frazee around 2010.

“I think he has a talent of preying on fragile women,” Currie said.

Vanessa called in to speak with reporter Andrea Canning, describing Frazee’s abuse toward her from the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, where she’s serving time on drug charges. She called Frazee a “monster”, and said his mental abuse almost forced her to commit suicide.

“If something wasn’t useful to him anymore.. he’d get rid of it,” Vanessa said.

Canning sat down with News 5’s Sam Kraemer Friday morning to preview the episode, discuss what stood out most in the case and talk about why Dateline focused in on it.

Canning said the mystery element to it all — how Berreth vanished with her vehicles still outside her townhome, the cell phone ping in Idaho and more — is what drew her team in.

“You have a young mom that everyone can relate to. She’s with her daughter in the grocery store. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s supposed to be a happy time, and then she just vanishes,” Canning said.

Viewers also heard from Berreth’s family directly for the first time since evidence was released to show probable cause that Frazee murdered Berreth.

JoDee Garretson, Berreth’s cousin, said the pain of not knowing where Berreth’s body is holds a toll on the family.

“I keep trying to envision the scene, like all of it, because I have a need, I feel like, to bear witness for Kelsey,” Garretson said.

Frazee is due in court April 5 for an arraignment hearing, where he will enter a plea for the eight counts he’s facing.