Man stranded in snow survives on Taco Bell sauce packets

Posted at 9:40 PM, Mar 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-03 23:40:20-05
A man stranded in the snow in Oregon for several days says he ate Taco Bell sauce packets to survive. (Deschutes Co. Sheriff’s Office)

DESCHUTES COUNTY, OR – A Search and Rescue snowmobile rider in Oregon spotted Jeremy Taylor and his dog in his SUV, after he had been missing for nearly a week.

Taylor, 36, was last seen on Sunday, Feb. 24 at a gas station. Searchers were aware he enjoyed off-roading, but heavy snow made it difficult to find him.

Finally on March 1, an Oregon Water Resource SnowCat member was able to get to the area where Taylor and his dog, Allie, and been stranded.

Rescuers say the two were in good condition, but hungry after being in the snow for five days.

Taylor told rescuers he got stuck in the snow in a forested area last Sunday, but woke up Monday to even more snow and couldn’t get his SUV free.

He said he tried to walk out Monday, but deep snow made it difficult and he and Allie returned to the vehicle.

Taylor said he stayed warm over the next few days by occasionally starting the SUV, and said he used a few taco sauce packets he found as food.

Rescuers took Taylor and Allie out of the forest so to be reunited with family and friends.