Hero doctor tackles gunman

Posted at 4:41 PM, Mar 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 12:25:19-05

(WPTV) A Veterans Affairs Medical Center doctor is home recovering after being shot inside the Riviera Beach, Florida facility by a patient Wednesday.

Dr. Bruce Goldfeder is being hailed a hero by staff, patients and the FBI for taking a bullet while fighting to disarm the shooter.

According to the FBI, 59-year-old double-amputee Larry Ray Bon pulled out a small handgun and opened fire inside the emergency area, striking at least two people.

One person was grazed by the bullet and Dr. Goldfeder was shot in the neck while trying to subdue the shooter.

“A little boo-boo on the ear and an entrance and exit wound on the skull, but I’m fine. If it was another inch lower, maybe it’d be a different day,” Goldfeder said.

His instinct was to try to protect people nearby.

“Either he gets an opportunity to shoot everyone or I get the opportunity to tackle, I chose the latter,” Goldfeder said. “He was waving a gun and I was about ten feet away and I knew he was right near patients rooms…So I kind of did like a football tackle and tackled him and the gun at the same time and I got shot when it hit the floor.”

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