Super Bowl ads: The show within the show

Posted at 8:19 PM, Jan 31, 2019

NBC News – Drama, dancing and comedy.

Advertisers are looking for any angle to be king on Super Bowl Sunday.

“It’s one of the only times of the year where you’re guaranteed a huge audience and so much attention on your brand,” says Adweek’s Katie Richards.

More than 100-million people will be watching, an audience that comes with a price tag of more than $5-million for a 30-second ad, and that doesn’t include the cost of production or hiring a celebrity for a Super Bowl spot.

To get the most bang for all of those bucks, and build momentum, a lot of companies share a sneak-peek of their commercial online before the big game.

So how big a deal is the ad game?

Last year’s super bowl commercials generated $414-million, a record for a non-overtime game.

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