KFC offering Cheetos sandwich in select southern US markets

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jan 31, 2019
Cheetos Sandwich
Cheetos Sandwich (KFC)

In the mood for something a bit different, bold and extra crispy? Then perhaps KFC’s test sandwich loaded with Cheetos may be for you.  Yet, likely not for everyone.

A company spokesperson says the chicken chain has teamed up to make “one dangerously cheesy sandwich” loaded with a signature extra-crispy chicken filet, on a layer of Cheetos, doused in a Cheetos sauce, and served on a toasted bun with mayo.

The limited run sandwich is only available in two North Carolina cities, two Virginia cities, and Greenville, Georgia. The company says it will be sold until March 24th or as long as supplies last.

Anyone care to do the math on how many calories this thing packs?