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How to track plow teams as snowstorm rolls through Colorado

Posted at 3:34 PM, Jan 11, 2019

Colorado Department of Transportation snowplow trucks sit on standby before noon on Oct. 30, 2018. Southern Colorado is expected to receive significant snowfall on Oct. 30 heading into Oct. 31.

COLORADO SPRINGS – A widespread winter storm is keeping municipal and state resources busy Friday, trying to keep roads clear and safe.

So far, a CDOT spokesperson said I-25 and U.S. Highway 24 are just wet, but there are concerns that could turn to ice in the nighttime hours. The state did extensive pre-treatment work ahead of the storm.

Plows from the state, counties and cities will continue to be busy responding to the storm throughout Friday and into Saturday. In the overnight hours and early in the morning, show caution on bridges, ramps and overpasses. Any area that is elevated runs the risk of being very slick. If the roadway looks shiny, don’t assume that the roadway is wet. Black ice often appears to be nothing more than a wet roadway.

With all of the plows on the roads right now, there are safety issues to be aware of around the plows. While it’s frustrating to be behind a slow-moving plow, don’t follow too closely. That’s a sure fire way to get a windshield and hood full of sand and road treatment. If you want to pass a snowplow, NEVER pass the truck on the right. The snow blade is angled to the right to push the snow and ice off to the right side of the roadway. The blade sticks out further on that side as a result. If CDOT trucks are running in tandem, NEVER attempt to pass them. Many times, CDOT will have plows in each lane and the truck to the left passes the snow to the truck or trucks to the right. Passing trucks working in tandem is not an option. You just have to be patient and wait until they move out of the way. On the plus side, you get to drive on a freshly plowed and treated roadway that’s much safer.

If interested, CDOT has equipped its plows with tracking technology, giving you information on where the truck is headed, how fast it’s traveling and how many miles it’s traveled in the last hour. You can track the plows here.