Christmas Night Forecast; and to all, a good night!

Posted at 3:52 PM, Dec 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-25 20:19:15-05

Before I get going, a warning. Fog, freezing fog and drizzle overnight may impact anyone driving or on sidewalks, into early Wednesday. We don’t need any avoidable accidents! Then, as Thursday evening turns in to overnight, a change from liquid to solid will likely make roads/sidewalks very slippery! And, on top of that, temperatures are going to nose-dive, so not only will frostbite become an issue, but frozen pipes may, too, from Thursday though Saturday morning!

Summary: After a quiet evening, moisture feeding in from the south will create low clouds, fog, and freezing drizzle. This, ahead of a storm that will bring a potpourri of weather Wednesday and Wednesday night. The storm track leads me to believe all snow Mountains (7-15″), a sprinkly I-25 in the daytime, and a light rain for the Plains (daytime). As the storm passes, winds veer to the N and NW, and much colder air pours in, flashing all liquid over to snow in the evening hours. It may take a little while to ice up, but overnight into Thursday could easily be treacherous, not because of heavy accumulations, per-se, but the combo of snow on top of ice. It peters out to flurries early Thursday, but the cold sets in.

And then, a 2nd storm hot on it’s heels, digs in, Friday in the mountains, and later Friday and night into early Saturday for the lowlands. Because the air will be so cold, the “fluff” factor will be super high, so a tiny amount of moisture can easily lead to 5 inches of snow Friday night!

Conditions across the Mountains, I-25 corridor, Plains

It all clears out Saturday afternoon…and temps slowly recover.

COLORADO SPRINGS:  Low – 25. High – 40. Fair evening, Freezing fog/drizzle late. Ditto early Wednesday, then cloudy and sprinkly. Moisture changes to snow again at night.

PUEBLO:  Low – 22, High – 42. Fair evening, Freezing fog/drizzle late. Ditto early Wednesday, then cloudy and sprinkly. Moisture changes to snow again at night.

CANON CITY: Low – 25, High – 42. Clouding up tonight. Cloudy with light rain and snow showers Wednesday.

WOODLAND PARK: Low – 20, High – 37. Cloudy tonight. Occasional light snow Wednesday.

TRI-LAKES:  Low – 22, High – 38. Cloudy tonight. Occasional light snow Wednesday.

PLAINS:  Low – 30, High – 44. Cloudy tonight with some drizzle. Ditto Wednesday, going to snow at night.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD:  Low – 30, High – 45. Cloudy with drizzle tonight. Showers Wednesday, becoming snow late in the day.

EXTENDED OUTLOOK: Occasional flurries Thursday through Friday morning, becomes a steadier snow later Friday. Very cold weather Thursday through Saturday midday.