Thousands of kids get gifts at annual Christmas giveaway

Posted at 11:10 PM, Dec 22, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – Thousands of children got free holiday gifts as part of the 36th annual Bob Telmosse Christmas Giveaway.

Thanks to the help of more than 350 volunteers, three to four thousand children got to pick out their perfect Christmas present.
There was certainly lots to choose from this year and the best part is every family had a chance to participate, no questions asked.

The kids poured into the Norris Penrose event center to pick out any Christmas gift they wanted, whether it be a stuffed animal, a book, even a bike!

“So excited!” shouted four-year-old Lilly.

In fact, a recent donation made it possible to fill this space with dozens of bicycles.

“She’d just seen it on KOAA News, as a matter of fact, that we were running short,” said Carol Reinert, Vice President of the Bob Telmosse Foundation.
“And she came and brought us a wonderful check so it’s just the perfect definition of community here.”

It’s a community the late Bob Telmosse wanted to help when he started the Christmas giveaway 36 years ago.

“It’s like quadrupled from back when he used to do it,” Reinert explained.

His event lives on, making children’s wishes come true – as well as their parents’.

“It takes some pressure off of us,” said Trena Carter, who used to bring her own children here and now brings her grandchildren.

“Huge blessing,” said mother Brittany Bridgers.
“As parents, we try so hard to provide for them and then to have this available is just a big relief and weight off of our shoulders.”

At the event, showing up is the only requirement.

“If people are willing to come and wait in line for a toy or food, they need it,” said Reinert.
“It’s no questions asked, so you don’t have to prove need, you don’t have to fill out paperwork, if you want to come and receive, you just come and receive.”

“You didn’t have to worry about all the paperwork and sign-in and filling out different forms,” said Carter.
“Just come and get things for the kiddos.”

Every child got to walk away with a little piece of holiday cheer.

“It’s just an amazing, amazing event,” added Reinert.

If you’d like to help out in next year’s fundraiser, you can reach out to the Bob Telmosse Foundation on Facebook or on their website.