Dozens dead, hundreds missing in California fires

Posted at 7:50 AM, Nov 12, 2018

CALIFORNIA – As hundreds of thousands of people flee their homes and businesses in California, there’s no sign of crews getting control of fires raging across the state.

Monday morning, a new fire popped up northwest of Los Angeles in Simi Valley. The blaze right next to Highway 118 is spreading across rugged terrain towards buildings.

Helicopters and aircraft are already in the area dropping water and fire retardant on the flames.

The freeway was closed due to fire and smoke dangers while homes in the Box Canyon and Lake Manor neighborhoods were evacuated.

At least 370 buildings have burned across California since the fires started last week, the estimate is only based on the 15 percent of the area where crews have performed a damage survey.

The Camp Fire that tore through Paradise, California killed at least 29 people as it wiped out the entire town. Another 228 people are unaccounted for in the area.

Down in Southern California, the Woolsey fire has burned through at least 85,000 acres in Ventura County, claimed 2 lives and continues to threaten an estimated 60,000 structures.