Local breweries offering free perks for voters on Election Day

Posted at 10:17 PM, Nov 04, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – Some folks fulfilling their civic duty to vote on Tuesday may also encounter some stressors when it comes to wait times, or even coping with the let-down from those results.

But some local breweries in Colorado Springs will be there to help take some of the edge off and reward voters at the same time.

It’s the type of election most people can get behind called an “Alection”.
Three local breweries will be showcasing their best ales at the Public House Pub.

“Pit three of the city’s like best breweries, fan favorites against each other. Whoever’s keg kicks first, they get to put a 30-day tap handle on our always-changing tap line,” said bar manager Missy Luebbers.

Fieldhouse, Red Leg and Goat Patch are the candidates here.

“To have ales competing against one another, you know, alongside the candidates make it twice as fun,” said Claire Mack, a customer at Public House.

“It’s a really awesome chance for them to get out and you know, shake some hands and kiss some babies, so to speak when it comes to beer-drinkers in Colorado Springs.”

The event is also meant to give those beer-drinkers a chance to unwind.

“It can be kind of a stressful thing in a local election,” Luebbers added.
“It gives you a chance to kind of kick back with your neighbor and realize we all still love beer.”

All while rewarding them for fulfilling their civic duty.

“We’ll be doling out some extra raffle tickets to those people that are super patriotic and rocking their “I Voted” stickers,” Luebbers pointed out.

Public House will be having raffles with merchandise giveaways.

The breweries competing will also be offering free voting perks of their own.

“Any way you can prove that you voted, we’ll give you a free half pint,” said T.J. Huffmaster, a beer tender at Goat Patch brewery.
“Fieldhouse actually started this so we actually got together with Fieldhouse and Red Leg which is actually really cool because they’re in the ‘alection’ as well,” she added.

The hope is to make election night something to look forward to and encourage more folks to participate, beer-in-hand and all.

“Mixing beer and your civic duty, you can reward yourself by voting and then reward yourself by getting a beer afterwards, too, you know,” Huffmaster said.
“If we can all do this together, maybe it’ll encourage people that didn’t want to go out that day to go out and then come back and grab a beer, make it fun!”

There are three ways to prove you voted: you can show a picture of your mail-in ballot, you can pull up the status of your mail-in ballot online to prove it was accepted or you can simply flash your “I Voted” sticker.

The Alection event starts at 7 p.m. although Public House recommends you get there a half hour early to beat the rush.