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‘Buckskin Joe’ property to become Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort

Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 00:52:59-04

FREMONT COUNTY – The land in Fremont County near Royal Gorge Bridge and Park that, for decades, was utilized as a movie set for old westerns and a frontier-themed tourist attraction, has been purchased and will be turned into a resort for wealthy mountain bikers and hikers, according to the new buyer, Ty Seufer.

“The goal, obviously, is to get some of the affluent customers to come in and actually stay the night here in Canon City,” said Seufer, who says he bought the 805-acre property two weeks ago for $1.4 million after several years of interest.  The property has sat vacant and dilapidating since 2010 when it was purchased, disassembled, and relocated to a Western Slope ranch by billionaire Bill Koch.

Seufer, who currently owns and operates Royal Gorge Rafting & Ziplining Tours and Whitewater Bar & Grill along U.S. Highway 50 near the Buckskin Joe property, says Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort will include additional rafting and ziplining than already exists, extensive hiking trails, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and possibly horseback riding.  Initially, however, the main adventure feature will be 50 miles of mountain biking trails, including a trail that utilizes the track bed and trestles for the former Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad.  “We want to try to market this as Colorado’s little Moab,” Seufer told Cañon City’s Vision Committee, which is comprised of the City Council, mayor, and other city staff normally present at City Council meetings.  “These people are pulling up to Moab with $100,000 Sprinter vans with $50,000 worth of mountain bikes on the back of them, and they want to go mountain biking.  They’re passionate about it,” Seufer told News 5.

Seufer says the mountain biking will be enhanced by bike-in/bike-out luxury, 400-square-foot tiny homes, which will comprise 30 percent of the overall property on one acre each.  The tiny homes will not be rental units, but will be owned, likely costing the owners around $200,000 to purchase.  The tiny homes would likely be built and acquired through a contract with Utopian Villas Luxury Recreational Retreats, Seufer said.  Another 30 percent of the property, specifically along Fremont County Road 3A leading to the Royal Gorge, will be for retail purposes, including the possibility of a winery, distillery, brewery, liquor store, gas station, bike shop, sporting goods store.  Eventually, the development could also include a luxury hotel and convention center, however water currently must be trucked in to this area of Fremont County, as it is not currently serviced by water or sewer lines.

Seufer said the first tiny homes should be available for purchase in about a year, with completion of other attractions, amenities, and businesses complete in about 5 years.