Shooting range selfie earns men lifetime ban from gun range

Posted at 9:49 AM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 11:49:55-04

HOUSTON – Two men have been banned from a Houston, Texas gun range after they tried to take a selfie with one of the men holding a gun to his friend’s head.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident at the Top Gun Range.  The owners posted the video on social media as an example of really bad behavior.

Managers have sent the video to all their employees as a training tool.

The video starts with the first man holding a pistol in his right hand, phone in the other ready for a selfie.

The other guy is just waiting for him to finish, then reaches for the magazine to load some rounds.  Suddenly, the first man turns and points the gun right at the guy’s head.

A clear violation of a basic firearm safety rule – treat every weapon as if it were loaded.

The range officer was right behind the men. He moved in, pinned the man against the counter while controlling the pistol with his other hand.  You can just imagine some drill sergeant-like talk coming from the range officer sprinkled with some choice words.

After clearing and securing the weapon, the range officer takes both men out of the shooting area.  The range didn’t expand on what happened when they were back in the store area, other than telling both men to never come back.