Republican Senators: Nothing in FBI investigation to stop Kavanaugh confirmation

Posted at 8:15 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 16:32:24-04

(NBC News) The FBI’s latest report on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is in, but sharp divisions remain on Capitol Hill.

Senators were giving a limited amount of time to review the single printed copy of the report Thursday morning.

Republicans insist the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct was thorough and shows nothing new.

Democrats blasted the investigation, which was limited in scope, calling it a “sham” and “a horrific cover-up.”

Ten people were contacted. Nine were interviewed. Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, were not contacted.

A final vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination could come as soon as Saturday.

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