Stolen Plane Crash Debris Remains on Ketron Island

Posted at 9:30 AM, Oct 01, 2018


The owner of the property where a stolen Horizon Air plane crashed in August says she’s been left with a mess and misunderstandings about who’s responsible to clean it up.

“Every time I come out I find something else,” said Tiffany Lundgren, whose father purchased the land on Keatron Island in the 1970’s.

Salvage crews hired by Alaska Airlines, which owns Horizon, removed most of the aircraft debris in the days following the crash, but never came back to clean up the smaller pieces.

“They’ve had my number, they’ve had my email. I haven’t heard from them, I had to reach out to them,” said Lundgren.

NBC affiliate KING in Seattle reached out to Alaska Airlines, and received the following statement:

“Our work there is not finished. Getting the land back to an appropriate condition will take some time, including the planting of new trees. We remain committed to doing the right thing on the island. Our goal is to leave the land in the best condition possible that’s satisfactory to all property owners,” an Alaska spokesperson said.

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