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Colorado man gaining attention for posting “punny” jokes on community billboard

Posted at 1:45 PM, Sep 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-23 15:45:30-04

INDIAN HILLS – A Colorado man is getting lots of attention for creating cheesy “punny” signs on a community center billboard that’ll either make you laugh or just cringe.

Vince Rozmiarek has been volunteering at the Indian Hills Community Center for years now. He built the sign in front of the community center and is responsible for what’s on it.

With a little help from his wife Kirsten, Rozmiarek has made a name for himself and the sign, being the cheesiest place around. Not to be confused with the mac and cheese spot just down the road.

The owner of the restaurant says she’s not the cheesiest person around, but the sign a quarter mile up the road definitely gives her a run for her money.

Some of the signs read, “I call my horse mayo and sometimes mayo neighs.” If you’re cringing, Rozmiarek is the culprit.

“He’ll give me a list and if I chuckle he’ll be like alright, which one made you laugh? And that’s the one that he puts up,” Kirsten said.

The man puts up different signs two to three times a week. Some of his past works include, “A bike in town keeps running me over. It’s a vicious cycle.”

Rozmiarek says he’s had a lot of practice coming up with the punny signs, as he is a stay at home dad. “It takes a little while.”

Kirsten says, “ever since the kids were little, he would say this joke.” “What did you eat under there, underwear?”

Kirsten said the kids got sick of the joke so eventually, she had to pay them to answer it, giving them a dollar each time they said underwear. But, Rozmiarek’s work hasn’t come without criticism.

Someone in the community recently accused him of making fun of people with disabilities following one of his signs. “Old MacDonald had OCD EE II OO,” the sign read.

He said the sign was actually making fun of himself, as he considers himself a bit of a perfectionist. But, his friends tell him to keep on trucking.

“Said don’t worry about them. We’re going to build you a facebook page, just start taking pictures of it.”

The internet fame was then born.

“Being cremated is my last hope for a smoking hot body.” “Saw a baguette at the zoo. It was bread in captivity.”

These are just a few of Rozmiarek’s cheesiest works posted to the Facebook page. The sign once seen by people headed to the mountains is now being shared by people all over the globe.

“It makes people happy and we need that right now.”

Rozmiarek did admit that he doesn’t write all of his own jokes, as he looks for material wherever he can find it. He said he even got a call a few days ago from a man in Australia offering some fresh new material.