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Fire or flood: Experts share how to stay prepared

Posted at 5:12 AM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 09:00:15-04

In wake of all the natural disasters we’ve been seeing on the East Coast we’re watching out for your safety with what experts say you should do before disaster strikes.

There are three steps you need to take ahead of time.

The first one is have a go bag ready! Keep it somewhere easy to grab like your car. We know to include the basics like food and water, but items like a jumper cable and phone chargers are equally important.

Step two, sit down with your family and come up with a plan.  Ask the question, if you need to get out in a hurry what do you need to do? Make sure to discuss the quickest way out of your home, especially if you’re in an apartment complex.

“Think about the folks that are in a hurricane prone area or here, if we have to get out because of a wildfire what will we do? What will we eat? How will we stay informed?” said Officer David Husted with the Office of Emergency Management. “Those things are really important.”

Finally, make sure you’re able to stay informed. You can register for emergency alerts at and of course stay up to date with the News 5 App. is a great resource as well.

Be sure to have those chargers on hand in case your phone battery dies. If it does, you want to have those important phone numbers already handy. Have those phone numbers written out just in case!