California man suffers burns on his leg after e-cig explodes while in pocket

Posted at 3:57 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 18:03:21-04

(NBC News) Security cameras captured the moment an e-cigarette exploded inside a man’s pants pocket, severely burning his leg.

Mohamad Abdihdy was taking measurements of a television in the back storage room of a television warehouse when the device exploded.

Abdihdy says he felt a shock, and the next thing he knew his leg was burning.

“We turn around and all we see if smoke and something caught on fire,” HDTV Outlet manager Antelmolare Guzman recalled. “The gentleman, he is running out to the front of the office, and he is screaming and yelling. Apparently, all of his right leg was completely burnt all the way down.”

The e-cigarette continued to burn and smolder on the ground after Abdihdy ran to treat his injuries. Guzman said he’s thankful it didn’t catch boxes on fire and cause a larger fire in the store.

Abdihdy said he drove himself home and did not go to a hospital after the incident. He said his cousin bought him medicine for his scorched skin, but he added that he can’t walk on his leg and he’s still in a lot of pain from the incident.

When asked if he’ll continue to smoke e-cigarettes, Abdihdy responded, “I’m going back to hookah.”

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