WATCH: MLB umpire has live bug pulled out of ear during game

Posted at 9:38 AM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 11:38:25-04

NEW YORK – What seemed like a run-of-the-mill baseball game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox took an extremely gross turn Wednesday night at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.

In the bottom half of the ninth inning, second base umpire Bruce Dreckman jogged off the field and had to be tended to in the dugout by Yankees trainer, Steve Donohue.

What medical attention would an umpire need, you might ask. Well, he had a bug stuck in his ear.

In a video captured by the Yankees YES Network, you can see the trainer pull what appears to be a rather large bug out of the umpires ear.

The bug looks to be a large moth, and even crazier, the bug looks to still be alive.