Colorado Springs ranked most desirable city to live in; but we knew that!

Posted at 9:59 AM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 11:59:44-04

Colorado Springs is a great place to live. Most of us already know that, but now the city is ranked as the #1 most desirable place to live by US News and World Report, based on a Google Consumer Survey.

Colorado Springs ranked as the number two spot for two years, before the city bumped Honolulu off the list this year. Apparently, all of our awesome hiking trails and easy access to the ski resorts across Colorado are more desirable than beaches and palm trees. And then there’s the awesome views.

Honolulu was rated as number one for two years and this year it dropped to number four. Here’s how the list for the most desirable places lines up.

Respondents in the Google Consumer Survey were asked where they would live if given a choice.

The survey lists Colorado Springs metro population at 688,643; median home price at $255,233; and median annual salary at $49,450.  Only the largest 125 metro areas in the United States were included in the survey.

#1: Colorado Springs, Colorado

#2: Portland, Oregon

#3: San Diego, California

#4: Honolulu, Hawaii

#5: Seattle, Washington

#6: Austin, Texas

#7: San Francisco, California

#8: Fort Meyers, Florida

#9: New York City, New york

#10: Denver, Colorado

The full report on the survey can be viewed here: U.S. News & World Report