Lake Pueblo State Park operations back to normal following Stonemoor Fire

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 18:48:04-04

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says all parts of Lake Pueblo State Park will be open for the Fourth of July after the Stonemoor Fire burned into the park last Friday.

During the fire, the southern half of the park was closed along with a portion of Highway 96 near the Reservoir. As of Monday, no parts of the park are closed and all entrances are open.

Park rangers say people should be cautious around areas burned by the fire, especially around trees that could be weaker and more prone to fall.

“Do not venture away from the river on the north side because there may still be some hazards,” said Park Manager Monique Mullis in a news release. “Many of those burned trees will need to come down in the near future. They may not appear dangerous, but they burned from the inside-out."

Firefighters contained the fire to the Valco Parking Lot and to the southwest corner of the Osprey Picnic area. No structures were damaged at the park, but visitors could see charred areas east of the dam.

If you plan on visiting, please remember that Pueblo County is under stage 2 fire restrictions. That bans all open burning, fireworks and all outdoor smoking.