The Broadmoor celebrates 100 years

Posted at 8:14 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 22:14:30-04

As the 39th U.S. Senior Open continues in Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor is also celebrating their 100th anniversary on Friday.

"I think the thing that we would like to say to the community more than anything is thank you," Allison Scott, Director of Communications for The Broadmoor said. 

They say the paint had hardly dried when guests crowded into The Broadmoor for the gala grand opening 100 years ago from this day.

"This day actually is the day in 1918 that Spencer and Julie Penrose opened the door to the fabulous building that you see behind me and welcomed the world," Scott said.

Back then, guests paid between ten to $12 a night. Today, it’s at least 20 times more than that.

News 5 spoke with Allison Scott who helped write the history book for The Broadmoor.

"Spencer Penrose was really a true visionary and it was important for him to have something for him created in the area that was a magnet for people to come from the outside," she said.

Almost every president has stayed here along with Olympians, celebrities and other dignitaries, not to mention some of the best senior golfers in the world here this week.

"What a better time than to have them during our anniversary?" she said.

The property used to be a dairy farm in the late 1800’s, then it was turned into a casino which later burned down. A second casino was built until Penrose bought the property for just $90,000, moved the casino out and built the main building of the hotel within only 10 months.

"The legend story is that he tried to buy the Antlers Hotel and General Palmer’s family refused to sell and it and he said, I’ll build my own hotel," she said.

"It’s been a part of the family for awhile that’s for sure," Bryan Burchett, a Denver native said.

Since then, it’s helped create an endless amount of memories for families who traveled both near and far to come here.

"I remember when I was younger, I used to always try to impress my dates by taking them to The Broadmoor, take them around the lake during Christmas time, beautiful, absolutely beautiful," Burchett said.

Beautiful enough for Burchett, a spectator of the Senior Open, to propose to his wife here 18 years ago.

"It’s just gorgeous, it’s just a good setting," he said.

And more great celebrations at The Broadmoor is just par for the course.

"Here’s to another 100 years, 200 years, to another hopefully millennium," Scott said.

To help celebrate the 100th anniversary, The Broadmoor is hosting a fireworks show on Friday night at 9 p.m. on the golf course for ticket holders.