People continue to work outside in 100 degree weather

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 20:43:28-04

No matter the weather, there is still a lot of work that needs be done outside across southern Colorado.

Whether it’s delivering mail, repairing hail damage on roofs or working on road construction, News 5 found many people who are powering right through this triple digit heat.

If you thought it was hot out today….

"It feels like an oven up there, it’s really hot," Tirso Rivas, a roofer in Fountain said.

Just think of how the roofers feel.

"It feels like an oven up there, it’s really hot and then once you step on the shingles, it just feels like your feet are like on fire but we have to get through it and finish the job," Rivas said.

They’re one of many roofing companies out cleaning up after a massive hail storm wiped through fountain earlier this month.

"I try to keep myself going by thinking it’s almost done, another step farther," he said.

While the thermometer read 100 degrees this afternoon, they say it feels more like 130 degrees on top of the roof because of the sun reflecting on the shingles.

"It does feel really hot and when you carry them, they sometimes burn you but it’s part of the job, that’s why it’s better to wear long sleeves," he said.

Even in triple digits, it’s also up to someone to keep up with our roads.

"There’s a lot of sweat," Erin Vera, a worker with the El Paso County Department of Transportation said.

Vera spends everyday working outside. Today, she’s working on chip sealing.

"It’s been extremely hot, yesterday, the road temp was 135 and the air temp was 109 so working in these conditions, it’s stressful, it puts a lot of strain on you," she said.

She gets through it by carrying a cooler and plenty of snacks.

"You’re exhausted by the end of the day, just from the heat and my suggestion is to just wear sunscreen, keep hydrated if you feel faint or tired just take a break," she said.

As a reminder, if you do have to work outside in this heat, make sure you are bringing plenty of water with you to stay hydrated.