Jury deliberations in the double murder trial of Glen Galloway resume

Posted at 6:59 AM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 08:59:32-04

Jurors resume deliberations in the double-murder trial of "Glen Galloway," on Monday.

This is the first death penalty trial in El Paso County in more than a decade.

46-year old Glen Galloway, is accused of shooting and killing Marcus Anderson and then using Anderson’s truck to drive to the home of his ex-girlfriend Janice Nam who was shot in the head.  Galloway was previously convicted of stalking Nam.

Court documents show that Nam first pressed charges and filed for a protection order against Galloway for stalking in April 2014. He was not arrested until December 2014. Galloway was found guilty of felony stalking in October 2015. Galloway was scheduled for sentencing in January 2016, but failed to appear, according to court documents. Nam was found shot to death in her home in May.

Rather than the standard 12 jurors plus two alternates, the court has seated 18 people in this case.

Scott Sosebee, the District Administrator for the 4th Judicial District explained that the four extra alternates are needed due to the length of the trial.

"Generally you’re going to need a larger alternate pool in order successfully get through the case. So, that’s why you’re going to have a larger jury with these types of cases," Sosebee said.

The last criminal suspect to be charged with capital murder in El Paso County was Marco Lee. Rather than go through a death penalty trial, Lee was sentenced to life in prison through a plea agreement in which he admitted to shooting and killing Colorado Springs Police Officer Ken Jordan. Lee was sentenced in December 2008.