Local medical facilities not “accessible” to people with disabilities; New initiative launched to solve problem 

Posted at 10:39 AM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 15:28:28-04

The Independence Center in Colorado Springs is accepting nominations to provide free “accessible” medical equipment to local primary care providers who accept Medicaid or Medicare.

“Far too many primary care providers in the Pikes Peak region fail to provide the equipment necessary for people with disabilities to receive the medical care they need,” said Gabe Taylor, Marketing and Event Coordinator for The IC. “We frequently hear of people in wheelchairs who haven’t been weighed or received a proper examination for years, and in some cases, decades. And people who are hard-of-hearing are often unable to have a proper discussion with their physician about their medical conditions. By providing accessible exam tables, Hoyer-type lifts, and hearing loop systems to primary care providers that accept Medicaid or Medicare, we hope to expand needed medical services to people with disabilities. Traditional exam tables are not usable and even dangerous for many people with disabilities of all ages. By providing equipment that is accessible, more primary care will be available to people with disabilities, proper preventative care will lead to better health outcomes, and there will be reduced cost to the healthcare system.”

In February, News 5 Investigates brought attention to accessibility issues inside medical centers that most people overlook unless they or one of their family members has a disability.

Is your primary care provider in need of “accessible” medical equipment?

“Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to nominate their primary care provider who accepts Medicaid or Medicare, if they believe they could benefit from this equipment,” Taylor said. “Nominations will be open through July 15th, and equipment will be delivered to primary care providers after the selection process ends.”

To nominate your primary care provider, click here.

The IC has a longstanding mission to help those with special needs live independently in our community. The non-profit is also an advocate for improving ADA accessibility in the Pikes Peak Region.

Accessible Exam Table: Adjustable height table with built in weight scale along with other accessible features

Photo courtesy: The Independence Center

Hoyer-type Lift: Assistive device that allows patients to be transferred between places such as from wheelchair to bed