Fine tuning happening at The Broadmoor golf course as the U.S. Senior Open nears

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 20:24:09-04

The final days of preparation for the U.S. Senior Open are happening at The Broadmoor. Tee boxes to greens everything is in prime shape. "The difficulty of the course for the championship is much more than it would be for normal play,” said Broadmoor, Director of Golf, Russ Miller. Most important is creating course conditions that play well and challenge pro golfers.

The Open has been on the calendar for years. All that time work goes on to grow, cut, and trim the course to elite condition. "We tried to have the golf course ready last fall going into 2018. So you don’t make a lot of adjustments and changes. You just want to maintain it and keep it healthy," said Miller. It is essentially ready for play weeks before golfers arrive.

The course is ready, also vulnerable. "It’s all about the weather." The grass is monitored around the clock as the tournament draws near. It is watered daily. Cutting also happens daily. "It’s based on weather, wind, dryness, moisture, all those factors. Just try to fine tune it,” said Miller, “Now being a week out we’ll just keep it where it is, because it’s ready to go today, but we just try to keep it where it is."