Fountain residents still coping with hail damage, scrambling to find car rentals

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jun 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 00:24:32-04

Even though the hail has come and gone, you can still find reminders of its powerful blows all over the city of Fountain.
And those caught in its path are still recovering.

"It’s really frustrating. You know, I understand a lot of people are affected right now," said Fountain resident Todd Krow.

Many are still scrambling to find rental cars and file insurance claims.

"Our cars were totaled with the hail, back windows smashed out with rain water inside," said Krow.

Cars still carrying with them dents, holes and cracks.

And, with some objection, their owners, too.

That’s because many are trying to swap out their battered cars for rentals but there just aren’t enough to go around.

A reservation agent for Enterprise told News 5, as of Saturday, there weren’t any rental cars available within a 50 mile radius.

"Someone I was in a class with just last week was saying […] the closest vehicle he could find to rent was in Castle Rock," said Fountain resident Andrea Brummett.

Krow, who had two cars totaled by the hail storm, had planned on picking up his Enterprise rental Saturday morning.

But despite his reservation, he says he was forced to leave empty handed.

 "Went there this morning and then they’re like ‘oh it’s a week wait until you can get a car,’" Krow said.

Krow says enterprise told him they were out of cars and they’d touch base with him again next week.

"Aren’t companies supposed to have contingency practices?" Krow contemplated while reflecting on the situation.

Now, he has to delay his insurance claim.

"I would like a rental car as quickly as possible," Krow added.

Claims are still pouring into USAA’s mobile unit by the thousands.

 "Every day has been busier than the last so every day we are setting record numbers," said Audrey Hackworth.
"We’re around roughly 12,000 claims."

And even though some are still forced to wait it out while resources become available, others re already on their way to moving past the damages.

"We’ve made it over the hump where a lot of people have mitigated their damages by putting up a tarp or taping up an auto window," said Hackworth.
"So we’re really to the point where we’re starting to work on those settlements so they can start getting back to normal and getting their repairs done."

Enterprise told News 5 they are working on getting more cars brought over but they don’t have a timeline for that right now.
News 5 also reached out to Hertz for comment but haven’t heard back.
The USAA mobile unit will continue to be stationed at the Safeway parking lot in Fountain until further notice.

News 5 will continue to track any developments regarding car rental availability and bring you updates on air and online.