Hail storm damages homes, cars totaled in Fountain

Posted at 10:56 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 00:56:01-04

Devastated and shocked: those are the words homeowners in Fountain are using to describe the hail storm that damaged their homes and vehicles on Wednesday.

Amber Eckley said, "I’ve seen a lot of storms. I’ve never seen anything like that."

Hail stones bigger than the size of a baseball hit Eckley’s home. The damage they left behind can be seen in every corner of her property. 

"We’ve got shattered windows. We’ve got holes in our roof. We’ve got leaking roofs…our canopy in the backyard looks like T-Rex ate it."

One of the hail stones actually ended up in her daughter’s bedroom and it "landed where her pillow should’ve been. Fortunately she’s out visiting family."

The things hitting Eckley’s family the hardest are their totaled cars.

"They look like Carrie Underwood took a bat to them. They look like they’ve been shot at with cannons…we can’t drive to go anywhere. We can’t go buy groceries. We can’t take kids to practices."

Brandon Fisher is also dealing with the same issue.

"Back window’s blown out. The little window there, the mirrors…most of the windows on the south side of our house are a little cracked or broken…to see that much destructive force was kind of eerie."

For Eckley and Fisher, it will be a waiting game for insurance to come through, repairs to be made, and for life to return to normal. 

Eckley said, "Fortunately everybody was safe and nobody got hurt…that’s the important thing that everybody’s safe."

On top of working with insurance companies homeowners are also trying to rent cars. However, with all the people affected by this storm there is a waiting period for people like Fisher. He says he’ll be relying on Uber or carpools to get around town.