Contractors: Hail repairs on homes will take months

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 16:57:13-04

Colorado is no stranger to hail, but Fountain residents will have plenty of work to do on their homes after an overnight storm hurled large-sized hail across the city.

Francesca Roman said the storm woke her up. Now, she’ll be forced to address multiple issues at her home.

“You get a home to feel security. For some reason, the storm.. it was like it took that away,” Roman said.

Roman just bought her home in March, but Tuesday night, she knew something was wrong.

“It was raining so hard that it felt like I no longer had a roof, and somebody was throwing rocks on the floor in my house,” Roman said.

Baseball-sized hail put holes into the roof. She recorded video showed the water flowing out of her ceiling like a faucet.

News 5 went into the attic Wednesday with Storm Guard, a local contractor specializing in storm repairs. Sales Professional Drina Quintana detailed the damage Roman’s home experienced.

“The water is literally collecting in there, flowing underneath and all of this is soaking this up on absorbing it like a sponge,” Quintana said. “So, it’s just a ton of water sitting on top of the ceiling right now.”

Several people who have lived in Fountain their entire lives told News 5 they’d never seen a storm so destructive.

It showed no mercy toward anything. Homes, cars and fences were all destroyed, and it’s going to cost homeowners a lot of money, insurance pending.

“For her property, the roof alone is probably within the range of a good $10-15 (thousand),” Quintana said.

On top of that, repairs to the roof, windows and garage door won’t happen overnight either.

Storm Guard President Brad Griebenow said it’ll take at least a month before windows can be shipped to the area.

“We’re probably looking at two months in total, because there are so many activities on this house,” Griebenow said.

And with thousands of people facing a similar situation, it will likely be awhile before the logistical headaches are gone.

“So, to have this happen, kinda like another delay to everything that I’ve been going through, it’s a little bit overwhelming,” Roman said.

If you’re more interested in doing the work yourself, Griebenow said it’s best to analyze your home from the top down.

First, check over the roof, then the gutters, and continue down the home looking for any issues. He said it’s best to catch the problem while it’s small and fix it right away, rather than waiting and potentially paying a lot more.