Trinidad breaks ground on ‘Space to Create’ to attract creative professionals

Posted at 6:54 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 20:54:53-04

A multi-million dollar project from private and public funds is focusing on revitalizing a section of Trinidad’s Main Street. 

Trinidad has seen millions of dollars come into town through its marijuana industry.

The revenue from marijuana has gone to pay off one-time expenses and many of the city’s debts- but this program comes from public and private funding sources. 

The ‘Space to Create’ is the 1st of 9 projects in Colorado. 

Through a state-funded program aimed at bringing creative work spaces and affordable housing to rural Colorado, Trinidad is leading the charge. 

In 2015, the state announced the program would begin in Southern Colorado. 

Among the funding partners: Corazón de Trinidad Creative District, City of Trinidad, Space to Create, Boettcher Foundation, History Colorado, Colorado Creative Industries, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Housing Finance Authority, and the Gates Family Foundation. 

$1.2 million of the funding coming from the city of Trinidad general fund. 

‘This is a town that gets it- they have turned it around, they are not looking in the past, they are looking to the future- the city has great bones,’ said Irv Halter, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. 

A national design program is coming to Trinidad with a ‘Space to Create,’ where anyone pursuing creative jobs will be eligible to get affordable housing and working in a community co-working space. 

City leaders in Trinidad envision a multi-generational community in the space, not necessarily a crowd of younger creative professionals. 

The project doesn’t just focus on affordable living and creative work spaces- it’s also preserving some historical parts of Trinidad’s downtown: including an old bank building. 

Currently, the space which will be home to a community center is filled with cars from Trinidad’s ‘Artocade’. 

‘We are in very good financial shape,’ said Mayor Phil Rico, the mayor added that they’re gearing up for an increase in people coming to Trinidad.

‘We have to be ready whether we like it or not,’ said Rico. 

With Trinidad’s growing economy- a section of buildings on Main Street will be used to create the community space and affordable housing units. 

Additionally, more housing will built to accommodate for more than 40 people in Trinidad. 

With dozens of people showing up to the city’s ground breaking ceremony on Monday, there’s an increased interest for the project as it gets underway. 

If you’re interested in the affordable housing, you can find out more information here.