Pueblo remembers fallen military in Memorial Day ceremony

Posted at 6:10 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 20:10:51-04

Pueblo’s annual Memorial Day ceremony brought hundreds of people to  Veteran’s Bridge along the Riverwalk on Monday. 

The Home of the Heroes honored those who have lost a loved one while serving. 

For one woman in Pueblo, she’s worked through the loss of several service members in her family, some to suicide, some while fighting for the United States, and others after living long lives. 

 ‘My 1st husband was a marine and he had PTSD really really bad, and he just took his life,’ said Terry Jean Montoya, a Pueblo resident, who lost an uncle in action.

Montoya’s family roots in the military run deep, and in memory of her husband- she comes to Pueblo’s ceremony every year. 

This year, retired, current, and even a CSU-Pueblo student serving in the Marines shared their stories about service and the importance of remembering those killed while fighting for the United States. 

Veterans laid wreaths in honor of those killed, as well as a ceremonial playing of Taps, and rang the memorial bell. 

So while it may seem the world has moved on from the noble sacrifice of our noble warriors,’ said Army Col. Christopher Grice in Monday’s ceremony, ‘I am here to tell you they are not forgotten by this generation,’ said Grice.