News5 this week: A look ahead

Posted at 9:16 AM, May 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-27 11:16:45-04

It’s the week of Memorial Day, but there are several important events to be on the lookout for throughout the week in southern Colorado and beyond. 

On Monday, we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving the United States. 

This Memorial Day, people in southern Colorado will be able to visit the Pikes Peak National Cemetery for the 1st time, the project was the brain child of 3 veterans nearly 20 years ago. 

On Tuesday, it’s an important deadline for unaffiliated voters who plan to vote in the June 26th primary.

May 29th is the deadline to designate which party’s ballot an unaffiliated voter wants to receive in the mail. 

Even if you don’t request a ballot, unaffiliated voters will still receive the ballots of both Democrat and Republican primaries. 

Wednesday marks a unique day in American history- the anniversary of the 1st ever Indy 500, it happened on May 30th 1911. 

In Pueblo, city council continues a series of meetings to address homelessness in the community on both Wednesday and Thursday of this week. 

Wednesday’s meeting takes place on May 30th 5:30-7pm Police community building, space is limited of up to 50 people. 

Thursday’s May 31st meeting is at 5:30-7pm at the Barkman Branch large meeting room, the room only accommodates for about 27 people. 

The end of the week is an exciting time for Colorado Springs with the Warrior Games, events start on Friday, but lots of excitement surrounds the opening ceremonies on Saturday with a sold out Kelly Clarkson concert. 

The opening ceremony will be hosted by Jon Stewart.