Despite road congestions, AAA Colorado encourages drivers to still enjoy road-trip

Posted at 8:17 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 22:17:24-04

While more than 660-thousand Coloradans are taking to the roads this weekend, plenty of others are also joining them from out-of-state.

"[We’re from] Savannah, Georgia," said married couple George and Chara Bale.

"I’m from Baltimore, Maryland," said traveler Tom Doehner.

These travelers, all making their way to Colorado Springs to make the most of their holiday weekend.

"We came to visit friends," added Doehner.

"Just came to vacation," said Chara Bale.

Some native Coloradans, however, would rather avoid the traffic jams altogether.

"People don’t always pay attention to motorcycles," said Cindy Williams.
"So we try to avoid that just by staying home and let people have their holidays and we enjoy our time at home."

But if you do find yourself on the road, stuck in traffic, and growing impatient, take it as an opportunity to soak in Colorado’s most popular feature.

"The mountains," travelers Tom Doehner Jordan Nighoff said collectively when asked about their favorite Colorado feature.

"The mountains, breathtaking!" echoed Chara Bale.

"Is there going to be congestion? Yeah," said said AAA Colorado spokesperson Skyler McKinley. 

But just remember to enjoy your road-trip through the centennial state.

"We’re so lucky to live in Colorado," added McKinley.

"We’re lucky to drive through Colorado, where you get these great views. Just remember that if you’re feeling frustrated or angry in your vehicle, there’s no reason to be. Part of the fun of the journey is getting there."