Water distribution flushing program begins in Colorado Springs

Posted at 5:57 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 07:57:55-04

Beginning Thursday May 24th, Colorado Springs Utilities will begin it’s annual water distribution flushing program.

As part of the program, Springs Utilities will flush water through approximately 10 – 20 fire hydrants a day in an effort to improve water quality, enhance flows in distribution pipes, and maintain hydrants for fire protection.

Springs Utilities said this process is necessary because over time water pipes accumulate iron deposits and other particulates. While these substances are not harmful to consumers, they can restrict water flows, increase pumping costs, and create taste and odor issues in the water.

According to Springs Utilities, the distribution system must be flushed at high velocities at key hydrant locations in order to clean the system of the accumulating particulates.

While the flushing is happening, customers in the affected neighborhoods may temporarily experience discolored water. Springs Utilities advises that customers run water from outside spigot for 15 minutes if they experience the discolored water.

The program schedule can be seen below:

– Thunderbird Estates (May 24 only)

– Divine Redeemer, Patty Jewett, Old North End (May 25 – June 1)

– Old Colorado City (June 4 – July 6)

– Stratton Meadows (July 9 – July 20)

– Broadmoor Bluffs and Broadmoor Oaks (July 23 – August 31)