A look at CPW Park Rangers and how to practice boat safety

Posted at 11:10 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 13:10:50-04

One of the most popular spots to hang out for Memorial Day weekend in southern Colorado is Lake Pueblo! News 5 caught up with park rangers for a behind the scenes look at what goes into their jobs of keeping us safe on the water.

As a Park Ranger patrolling the lake is just another part of the job. For them a "day at the office" includes checking fishing licenses, educating boaters on safety, and of course watching out for folks that may not be safe on the water. 

If you have a passion for the outdoors – this job may be for you! In fact, there’s around 130 Park Rangers in our state. One of the coolest aspects? They really are outdoors and on the water all the time! 

One ranger tells us you never know what you’ll find on the water. One example? A flying fishing pole. 

"There’s a fishing pole going across the water and you realize there’s no person holding it, but there’s a fish on the other end and they’ve lost their pole to a larger fish," said Senior Park Ranger Darcy Mount. "All you see is the pole moving across the water. That will startle you in the beginning."

Of course we all have to do our part to stay safe on the water. Remember, keep your eye on the sky and always check the weather ahead of time. Make sure you always have a life jacket that fits properly. One way to check? Put it on and lift it up. If it doesn’t move you have the right size.

Adults must have a life jacket on board, and kids under 13 need to have a life jacket on. You should also make sure your dog has a life jacket.