Broncos set to pick fifth in first night of the NFL Draft

Posted at 4:16 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 18:16:00-04

The wait is almost over. The first round of the NFL Draft is happening Thursday night.

The Broncos sit in an interesting spot at the fifth overall pick in what should be an exciting NFL Draft. Various draft experts have the Broncos taking a quarterback, running back, offensive lineman or a cornerback to fill the spot left by pro bowler Aqib Talib.

The Broncos could also trade down, if they receive an offer from a team wanting to grab a blue chip prospect.

That could be a tempting offer considering the needs the Broncos have. Denver needs a running back to replace CJ Anderson, a 1,000 yard rusher released this offseason. They could use some help on the offensive line and another edge rusher to draw away attention from Von Miller.

They could also draft a very talented player at number 5 to fill any one of those needs.

Obviously the quarterback position is going to attract a lot of attention, with at least four, possibly six prospects going in the first round. However, the Broncos signed Case Keenum to go under center this offseason, and the team is still hopeful Paxton Lynch could grow into a backup role. But, the Broncos don’t draft in the top 5 very often, and if there’s a quarterback they love at number 5, they should take him.

It should be fun to watch! Be sure to follow @KOAAGrant who will be at Dove Valley covering the draft from Broncos headquarters.

2018 NFL Draft Order

1. Cleveland Browns 

2. New York Giants 

3. New York Jets (via Colts) 

4. Cleveland Browns (via Texans) 

5. Denver Broncos 

6. Indianapolis Colts (via Jets) 

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

8. Chicago Bears 

9. San Francisco 49ers 

10. Oakland Raiders 

11. Miami Dolphins 

12. Buffalo Bills (via Bengals) 

13. Washington Redskins 

14. Green Bay Packers 

15. Arizona Cardinals 

16. Baltimore Ravens 

17. Los Angeles Chargers 

18. Seattle Seahawks 

19. Dallas Cowboys 

20. Detroit Lions 

21. Cincinnati Bengals (via Bills) 

22. Buffalo Bills (via Chiefs) 

23. New England Patriots (via Rams)

24. Carolina Panthers 

25. Tennessee Titans 

26. Atlanta Falcons 

27. New Orleans Saints 

28. Pittsburgh Steelers 

29. Jacksonville Jaguars 

30. Minnesota Vikings 

31. New England Patriots 

32. Philadelphia Eagles 

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