Pueblo community banding together to help Barnett fire victims

Posted at 6:20 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 20:20:27-04

The Pueblo neighborhood where the Barnett fire destroyed five homes is proving rebuilding after a wildfire is a force of nature all on its own.

It all started with one woman, Alex von Arx, who opened up her home for donations so her neighbors could access much-needed supplies.

But it’s become something much bigger, proving just how tight-knit and resilient this community can be.

Items range from clothing, non-perishable food items, to feminine and hygiene products.

Jane Sawvell donated clothes from her late husband.

"To know that they’re doing someone good, you know, it’s nice when you can do that," Sawvell said.

The teamwork is quickly rebuiding this community from the ashes.

"Pueblo is falling apart and […] this is just what we do here, we help each other," added von Arx.

Von Arx, not spared from loss, still sees signs of hope around her..

"My garage completely burned down and this angel was lying on the ground," von Arx said as she picked up a white angel statue, "[it] fell over, and when I went and checked on it, I realized it’s completely intact, not even a bit dirty."

Just next door, the Benedicts lost their home in the blaze but received a helping hand..

"This is what they provided for me," said Larry Benedict as he pointed to his jeans and sweatshirt.

"And you look good so that’s all that matters right?" quipped his wife, Barb Benedict.

Neighbors admire their strength.

"She hasn’t given up. You know, they’re gonna come back," said Sawvell.
"And with help, I think everyone will be able to do that."

But the Benedicts continue to admire their neighbors for taking action when it was needed most.

"This place shook us off like fleas off a dog’s back and these ladies stood back up," said Barb Benedict.

"You don’t see that anymore, you see that in Pueblo, Colorado is where you see that."

Von Arx says people have been dropping off donations around the clock and she plans to keep it going until the need is met.
If you’d like to donate via the GoFundMe page, you can visit this link.

If you’d like to drop off donations in-person, you can do so at 30700 Barnett Road.