Hanover residents work to move forward following 117 Fire

Posted at 7:12 PM, Apr 21, 2018

For a few families, the next few weeks, even months, will be spent trying to move forward following the 117 Fire.

That is why some local non-profits came together Saturday afternoon in hopes to provide relief to some of those victims. But for one woman, she’s moving forward in a slightly different way. 

Kimberly Barre, lost three cows in the fire, but her real worry came when she couldn’t find her husband for nearly five hours. That worry and concern has compelled her to give back.

"I really need to feel good right now, and this is the best way to feel good," said Barre.

Barre helped to give people food and clothing during the event as a way of healing. 

"It’s just so heart warming," said a volunteer.

While Barre’s house was spared from the flames, there is some recovery needed for her property.

"What’s next? I don’t know yet…"

Barre wasn’t the only one helping and healing at Saturday’s event, the Care and Share Food Bank and Discover Goodwill provided the services for the victims of the 117 Fire. If you’d like to help out those victims, the Red Cross is still taking donations.