Ginger Snap Ranch helping rescue animals injured in 117 fire, asking for donations

Posted at 7:12 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 21:12:11-04

The Ginger Snap Ranch in Hanover is trying their best to help the animals injured by the 117 fire.

The ranch takes in rescue animals but since most structures have been lost in the fire, they can only take care of the animals they currently have.
Many of the injured animals are recovering from smoke inhalation, wounds and burns.

"We’re completely heartbroken, just come out and see all the burn and all the animals that were hurt," said ranch owner Eryn Maggard.

"She was burned a little bit," Maggard said as she glanced at her horse Lois, who she was forced to leave behind. 
"She also rolled, I do believe to put out the fire on her and she’s got thistles stuck in her."

The ranch was home to more than 60 different animals from horses to goats and pigs.

Eryn Maggard tells News 5 police gave her five minutes to evacuate, putting her escape plan to the test.

"[I] set everybody free […] so that they had a fighting chance to run."

Still, Montrose Fire tells us many other animals in the area didn’t make it.

"We have seen a lot of animals in this fire, which is a little unusual but with the rate of spread that they had on the initial day, you know, the animals just didn’t get a chance to get away," said Montrose firefighter Lawrence Sanderson.

Once the fire reached the ranch, the flames took out five structures and killed 19 animals.
Now, vet specialists who live close-by are making trips to the ranch to treat and check on the needs of the surviving animals, even donating medical supplies.

"People just tend to forget about how they’re affected just as bad as we are," said vet tech Jennifer Houghton.

For Maggard, the relief brings with is a sense of hope.

"It makes me feel wonderful that everyone’s just stepped up."

The Ginger Snap Ranch says they’re working to rebuild shelters for their animals but they need some help.
They’re asking for donations of animal feed and any spare building materials for now.

You can drop off donations at 16555 De Groot Rd or contact Eryn Maggard at 719-683-9899.