Water flushing in Manitou Springs

Posted at 10:35 AM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 12:35:58-04

The City of Manitou Springs will be flushing the fire hydrants throughout the city Thursday.

This process will result in temporary discoloration of the water for residents. City water crews said the discoloration is caused by harmless slit and air and will not affect the safety of the water.

Crews said the routine flushing of the hydrants is necessary for several reasons including raising the water quality and making sure the hydrants and valves are properly working for firefighters. Here is the break down:

  • During the winter, water sits at dead ends and cul-de-sac, growing stale and stagnated 
  • Hydrants are flushed to bring water quality back up to what it should be for the summer
  • Flushes sediments from water main pipes, thus enhancing water quality
  • Verifies that fire hydrants and valves are working properly and that ample water flow is available for firefighting needs 
  • Aids in determining weaknesses in water pipes and related fittings and valves

Manitou water crews released a guide of frequently asked questions to help residents through the process:

Q: Will flushing affect my water service?

A:While a loss of water pressure is common, the process doesn’t typically interrupt water service. We do recommend waiting until after 5 pm before running laundry, after you have confirmed your water is clear to avoid staining your clothes.

Q: What should I do after the flushing?

A: If the tap water is used during or shortly after flushing, it could come out full of sediment and discoloration. If you encounter discolored water, shut the water off and wait several minutes. After waiting, check for clarity by running cold water for a few minutes allowing new water to work its way into your pipes. If not, wait a few more minutes and check again. We recommend using a tub or outside faucet to clear the line. In some cases, you may experience slight discoloration for a few hours. This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water; it does not affect the taste or water quality.

Q: What should I do if my water pressure or volume seems low after flushing?

A: Check your faucet and washer screens for trapped debris.We recommend using the tub or outside faucet.

Q: What is the silt in the water system after flushing?

A: Water contains minerals and these minerals react with the inside of the pipe to produce the by-product. This chemical reaction between the pipe and water is normal and natural process. This process can occur on the inside of the pipe and prevent adequate volume of water flow. The flushing process removes much of this by-product.