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Mrs. Freshleys Brownies Have Oreo Cookie Pieces

Mrs. Freshleys Brownies Have Oreo Cookie Pieces
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jul 16, 2020

I’m a firm believer that adding Oreos to anything makes it better. Bagels? Yup. McFlurrys? Definitely. Stuffing them inside chocolate chip cookies? Oh yeah.

And now, my fellow Oreo-loving friends, there’s a new treat to add to your shopping list that combines the beloved cookie with mini brownies for what looks like the ultimate snack and dessert in one.

Mrs. Freshley’s deluxe Oreo mini brownies are soft, fudgy brownies made with real Oreo cookie pieces. They are available in an 18-count box of six individually wrapped three-packs for just $2.86 at most Walmart locations nationwide.

Mrs. Freshley's

These are not the only decadent treats from Mrs. Freshley’s — the brand also makes Reese’s and Hershey cupcakes.

The Hershey cupcakes are chocolate-flavored cakes made with Hershey’s cocoa, while the Reese’s cupcakes are chocolate-flavored, topped with peanut butter icing and filled with peanut-butter cream. If that’s not enough, the Reese’s flavor is then drizzled with chocolate and finished off with brown, yellow and orange sprinkles.

Just like the Oreo cupcakes, you can find the Reese’s and Hershey’s treats at most Walmart locations and other club, grocery and convenience stores. For example, you can get the Reese’s and Hershey’s cupcakes together at Sam’s Club in a 12-count box for $8.98.

Sam's Club

If you’re up for task, you could also make your own Oreo or Reese’s treats. From cookies to cake and just about everything in between, Oreos and Reese’s both make for delicious desserts no matter what you’re cooking up.

For Reese’s fans, check out these Reese’s stuffed cupcakes or these no-bake Reese’s krispy cookies that look seriously simple to make.

For Oreos fans: These Oreo dirt poke cupcakes from Betty Crocker also look pretty simple and call for chocolate fudge, instant pudding mix, whipped topping and, of course, crushed Oreos.

Betty Crocker

Do Oreos and Reese’s top your list of favorite sweet treats?

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