Overall inflation slows, but food costs continue to climb

Posted at 7:09 PM, Aug 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 22:25:19-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Inflation growth may be slowing, but food costs continue to climb.

"The prices have been so high it is basically a normal topic of conversation," said Amy Triandiflou, Customer at Bread and Butter Neighborhood Market.

Rising food costs changing how some families shop.

"I really have been strategic where I have been shopping. First and foremost, I always shop local," said Triandiflou.

Which is key for the mother of three.

"I am always thinking about my neighbors who might not have the resources that I do when I go grocery shopping. It has been really hard to find affordable food," said Triandiflou.

Relief may not be around the corner. The latest consumer price index shows food costs jumped to 1.1 percent in the last month, bringing the year-over-year gain to just under 11 percent.

"Every week when we receive a delivery and we receive an invoice from our major suppliers, our major suppliers, not all but many prices have increased," said Stacy Poore, Co-Owner of Bread and Butter Neighborhood Market.

Which forces them to adjust their prices.

"If an item comes in costing more than it did last week, we have to raise that price," said Poore.

Making it difficult for them to keep low prices, but they try to come up deals for their customers.

"We do discount on quantity, and always have a sales shelves in the grocery store," said Poore.

One of the only things they can do since they say prices are up to the major suppliers.